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Source: Trade numbers climb sharply at Southland ports
(Los Angeles Times, 3/13/10)

At the Port of Long Beach, which is second only to Los Angeles among ports that move mostly cargo containers, imports and exports increased 39.3% and 32.8%, respectively, compared with February 2009, although officials cautioned that last year's numbers were the worst since 2003.

At the Port of Long Beach, imports climbed to 207,920 containers in February from 149,299 a year earlier. Exports rose to 123,208 containers, compared with 92,781 in February last year. Overall traffic at Long Beach increased 29.9% to 413,134 containers.
  • ロングビーチ港のコンテナ数、09年2月から、10年2月へ、前年同期比%。
  • 輸入は、149,299から207,920へ、39.3%の増加。
  • 輸出は、92,781から123,208へ、32.8%の増加。
  • トラフィック全体では、413,134へ、29.9%の増加。

At the Port of Los Angeles, the growth was almost as strong, and officials there managed a rare victory in trade between Asia and the West Coast. They won some new business after a year in which port-to-port transpacific shipping routes, known as strings, had dropped to 56 from 80 as ocean carriers scaled back to stem huge losses. Imports through Los Angeles rose 29.8% and exports grew 32.6% compared with February of last year.

At the Port of Los Angeles, imports rose to 267,361 containers in February from 206,035 a year earlier. Exports came in at 147,926, compared with 111,595 in February 2009. Overall traffic at Los Angeles was up 27% to 525,459 containers.

  • 同じくロスアンゼルス港について。
  • 輸入は、206,035から267,361へ、29.8%の増加。
  • 輸出は、111,595から147,926へ、32.6%の増加。
  • トラフィック全体では、525,459へ、27%の増加。

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